20 de April de 2017

The Candangos

Between 60 up to 80 thousand people, came from all regions of the country to build Brasilia. The artist Bruno Giorgi synthesized and immortalized this Exodus in the sculpture Warriors of the Candangos Series, but known as Candangos which is in the Square of the Three Powers.

According to the Anthropologist James Holston, the world Candango is from African origin and was use by the Negros in the 17th and 19th Centuries to refer to the Portuguese, lord and sovereigns. Originally it will identify the luckiest castes.

Over time, it has fallen into disuse to resurface in the desert, especially in the northeast. The meaning has change and to continue to refer to a group of people from the more modest social category.

We cannot say when the word Candango came to the construction site of the new capital, or used for the first time. The truth is that its use is widespread. At first applied to workers of humble origin, soon came to designate workers, teachers and engineers, directors and managers.

In this context, the word distinguished and honored those who have fraternized and sympathized in the struggle of the construction of the city, the men who launched the almost impossible task of accomplishing, the mission of raising Brasilia. Then the word symbolizes the pioneer, the man of courage and the daring builder of the new capital.