27 de June de 2017

Square of the Three Powers

Located at the eastern end of the Monumental Axis, the Three Power Square is configured as an equilateral triangle, in whose vertices were installed the buildings that represented and house the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches, The triangle idealized by Lúcio Costa is perceived when they are established, virtually, connecting lines between the buildings having as focal point the National Congress (Legislative Seat).

The Federal Supreme Court ( Seat of the Judiciary), The Planalto Palace (Seat of the Executive) resemble the proportions and the architectural language. The space of power is represented in its monumentality by the paved strip separating the buildings.

The other architectural elements of the Square are: Pantheon, Tea House, City Museum, Space Lúcio Costa, and Flagstaff were all organized in a plastic composition that keeps the horizon line free.

The Square is completed by the sculpture of the Warriors of the Candango Series, representing the pioneers of the construction of the city, of Bruno Giorgi, and the Statue of Justice by Alfredo Ceschiatti.