4 de July de 2017

JK Bridge

Inaugurated in 15 December 2002 the bridge has 1.200 meters of length, 24 of width and 62 meters of maximum high. Alexandre Chan´s work the bridge already won during the International Bridge Conference the Gustav Lindenthal Medal awarded by the Society of Engineers of the State of Pennsylvania, United States, for its aesthetic qualities  and environmental harmonization. Because of this Award, the structure becomes to be known as the most beautiful bridge in the world. The bridge was also the winner of the 2003 Abcem Award – Best Steel Work of the Year, in the Bridges and Viaducts category, awarded by the Brazilian Metallic Construction Association. The project impresses by functionality and architecture with three arches inspired by the movement of the stone bouncing in the mirror of water, the works integrates to Brasilia, combining beauty and innovation.