11 de July de 2017

National Congress Palace

According to several testimonies from Oscar Niemeyer, the National Congress is his favorite achievement in the Federal Capital.

Design in 1958, it is the link between the Esplanade of the Ministries and the Square of The Three Powers. The National Congress represents, with the TV tower, the vertical frames of the Monumental Axis. Its plastic design makes a contrast with the horizontal line of the City. Its verticality is marked by the two administrative buildings with 28 floors: one for the House and one for the Senate. This vertical volume makes a contrast with the horizontal, three-floor base, surmounted by two domes where he located the plenary. In addition to the two plenary sessions, the building features a collection of lounges (Green, White, Black and Blue) all of them named by the color of the floor, dominated by taste and furniture designed by Niemeyer, Le Corbusier and Mies Van der Rohe. In the work of arts that integrates the architecture we have as always the great names of: Athos Bulcão, Marianne Peretti, Alfredo Ceschiatti e de Di Cavalcanti e também de Roberto Burle Marx.