18 de July de 2017

JK Memorial

The JK memorial was design and built to honor the founder of the city, President Juscelino Kubistchek de Oliveira. It has the shape of a truncated pyramid, of rectangular base, covered in white marble, with 120m of length and 32 of width, with a dome on top of apparent concrete. The set is completed with a 28m high pedestal, where is placed a statue of Juscelino, done by Honório Peçanha. Inside there is a reproduction of the original library from the old apartment of JK in Rio de Janeiro, several personal objects of the ex-president, photographs with personalities from the XX century  and the history of the construction of the city and also its mortuary. It is one of the two most visited monuments of the Capital. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am till 5 pm with the ticket on the amount of R$ 10.00 per person.