25 de July de 2017

Don Bosco Sanctuary

The Don Bosco Sanctuary, built in honor of the patron saint of Brasilia, Saint John Bosco, is a work of light. Don Bosco as early as 1883 had a prophetic dream with Brasilia, in which he said that between the 15th and the 20th parallel a new civilization, would be born where milk and honey would spring.

Single nave temple structure from a glass box contained within a concrete square plan. The façade in concrete, are formed by columns, surmounted by warhead arches, with all the spaces fill with stain glass. There are 80 stain glass windows in 12 different shades of blue and purplish blue covering a total area of 2.200 square meters. At each of the four angles of the Sanctuary, a column of pink stained glass complements the softness of the place. Inside, the feeling is like being under a starry sky. The pink-blue combination creates an atmosphere of mystery. Inaugurated in 1970 is a work of the architect Carlos Vasconcelos Naves and as integrated work or art it has the stained glass windows designed by Cláudio Naves and manufactured by the Belgian artist Hubert Van Doorne, all the low relief in bronze by artist Gianfranco Cerri and the crucified Christ by Gotfredo Thaler from Santa Catarina.