4 de September de 2017

Alvorada Palace

Situated on a privileged location on the shore of the Paranoá Lake, the Alvorada Palace is one of Oscar Niemeyer´s masterpieces. Built to be the official residence of the President of the Republic, it was the first palace of the City. Inaugurated on June 30, 1958, it has a rectangular body with two floors (one for saloons for the official ceremonies and the other for the family life) and basement (with auditorium, game room and support) covered in white marble, the base is lightly detached from the ground, with the use of protruding flagstones protecting the “glass box” surrounded by the gallery in columns or arcades. Sophisticated, sumptuous with a large front garden that accentuates the horizontality of the building, also allowing privacy and protection by distance. On the left side the private chapel completes the composition. Inside and outside, works by: Alfredo Ceschiatti, Víctor Brecheret, Athos Bulcão e Maria Martins.