12 de December de 2017

Nilson Nelson Gymnasium

Sport, culture and tradition

Inserted in the sports complex of the City, designed by the architect Ícaro Castro de Mello, this gymnasium, with capacity for 25 thousand people, has a circular plan and has its structural system marked by the rhythm of the peripheral pillars in concrete, that support plates of sealing also in concrete.


It was inaugurated on April 21, 1973. Its first event was the first international soccer championship in which Palmeiras, Corinthians, Grajaú Tennis Club (RJ), SUMOV of Ceará, Minas Brasilia Tennis Club and the Paraguayan Team participated. Originally called President Medici, it was the scene of important attractions, such as boxing fight for the world title of the featherweight, between the Brazilian Éder Jofre and the Cuban naturalized Spanish Jose Legra, on May 5, 1973 among others.

It was finally renamed on August 1, 1987, when it gets the name Gymnasium Nilson Nelson in honor of the sports journalist who died months before. In 2008 he underwent renovations with the design of the architect Eduardo de Castro Mello, to house the World indoor soccer Championship of that year.