23 de January de 2018

Buriti Palace

Buriti Palace, Seat of local government

The Palace of the Buriti, inaugurated in 1969, has its name due to the symbol plant of Brasilia. A specimen of the tree was planted in the square in front of the place. The project is the architect Nauro Jorge Esteves and was commissioned to be the seat of the Government of the Federal District.

A statue representing the myth of formation of Rome, a wolf with two babies being suckled by her, was offered by the Italian capital as a gift for the inauguration of Brasilia, April 21, also the anniversary day of the eternal city. The piece is located on the front of the building.

The annex has 16 floors in the form of irregular parallelepiped, marked by vertical elements in concrete.

A curiosity: In 2008, the Buriti Palace temporarily served as the seat of the Federal Executive due to renovations taking place in the Planalto Palace.

Source: Brasilia Virtual Museum