19 de April de 2017

Juscelino Kubitschek realizes the dream

Brasilia was only possible thanks to JK the man who believed in the dream. In 1955, during his campaign in the city of Jataí (GO), the candidate made the promise to build the new capital. Juscelino´s government program, organized with the help of a team of technicians, named The Goals Program and represented an audacious plan for national development, which was followed to the letter. JK wanted to print, in the five years of mandate, a rate of industrial growth equivalent to 5o years his famous 50 years in 5. The goal synthesis was the construction of Brasilia held in three and a half years. Brasilia is not the final goal, is not the ultimate objective. It is just one of the steps in the march for a great and better Brazil. The country was hold back in the 1950s and was always seen as a promise of a great future. Brasilia and the modernity brought by JK took this decisive step towards the destiny of the country.

Brasilia took the progress to the interior and opened the way for the rediscovery of a new Brazil.